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The Rope, The Tree, and The Voice

  • Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pa Noi had lost hope.  To her, life was no longer worth living.  In fact, she had a plan to end her life but God had other plans.  Watch this incredible story of how radio is literally saving lives in Thailand.

(Watch "The Rope, The Tree, and The Voice" above or on YouTube)

Stories like Pa Noi's are shared everyday on "Reach Beyond" with Wayne Pederson, a daily 1:00 features heard on Christian radio stations around the country.  While these stories celebrate changed lives, they also point to the willingness of those who are reaching beyond to provide ...

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A Thankful Life!

  • Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"I have learned that in every circumstance that comes my way: I can whine or I can worship!  And I can't worship without giving thanks. It just isn't possible!"

--Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Not long after becoming a Christian a close relative rebuked me for complaining too much.  That didn't feel good--at all--but you know, she was right.  At the time, I was still focusing on my problems and less on God's blessings.  

Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Maybe you have some new believers in your audience that need help in this area.  With November naturally being a month focused ...

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BreakPoint®'s Impact on Culture

  • Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"In an increasingly hostile, secular culture, Christians are faced with issues and choices we've never had to deal with before. BreakPoint® is here to help believers of every denominational background develop a robust Christian worldview-seeing, understanding, and engaging the world from a biblical perspective." - Chuck Colson

In over 20 years of BreakPoint® radio airing on nearly 1,400 outlets nationwide, commentators Eric Metaxas and John Stonestreet have continued Chuck's legacy and it's apparent that the program continues to have an impact on culture.

Just last week, after Eric's commentaries aired about the issue in Houston with ...

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