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Unforgettable Stories

  • Monday, December 22, 2014

How is it you can remember the words to a Dr. Seuss book from 30 years ago?  The answer is, if you read it hundreds of times to your five children, it will become indelibly imprinted on your brain. 

The Sneetches was one of those well-rehearsed books for me and my children.  It’s been at least fifteen years since I last read that particular Seussian tome to our youngest.  But I have always been able to recite the opening from memory:

            “Now the star-bellied Sneetches had bellies with stars
            And the ...

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Trivia: "More Christmas Characters"

  • Friday, December 19, 2014

You'll Shoot Your Eye OutSO ... can you give me the character by this brief description--and the MOVIE:

1-Late night thirst led to fame

2-Team included poodle, cocker spaniel, St Bernard, collie and dachsund

3-Charming lad with propensity for mischief

4-First job was at Gimbel's

5-Probably became NRA member--good thing he wore glasses!

6-Notoriously known as the Wetbandits (a duo)

7-Obscene weight gain and hair growth

8-Worked for a tightwad

9-Lends a helping hand to old friend thereby proving he is a knight in shining armor

10-Dashingly handsome, foolishly falls for a married woman


Think you know these Christmas characters?  Email Peggy to see ...

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Christmas Joy

  • Monday, December 15, 2014

One of my favorite parts about Christmas are the Christmas cards.   I love receiving them  . . . looking at the family pictures, catching up on lives of friends and loved ones.  I also enjoy reading the holiday sentiments.

Wishes of joy is a common sentiment. 

After noticing a number of cards with virtually the same phrase, "Wishing you peace and joy this Christmas season," my daughter wondered why "Wishing you joy" was used more than "Wishing you happiness."

In the "Daily Light for Daily Living®" feature airing on December 17th, Anne Graham Lotz explains the difference between joy and happiness:

"Happiness ...

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