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Tis the Season!

  • Friday, December 11, 2009
  • Evelyn Gibson
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Christmas Candles"Yea-but don't you miss the seasons?"

It's a question every Californian is compelled to answer at some point or other, and it's usually asked in the context of basking in the sunshine at the beach!

Do I miss the seasons?  Do you mean the wet one; the steaming one, the gray one or the snowy one?  I grew up in Michigan, and I admit, there's a beautiful Fall season that lasts "several" days in a good year.

This week in California it poured rain. . .for a day!  Then it was sunshine, blue skies.  Okay so it was a bit chilly which, by the way, means closing in on 60 degrees!

So, top down on the convertible, as I rush headlong into the Christmas season where regardless of temperature, sunshine or snow, we celebrate together the glorious gift of God's Son.

By the way, I wonder what the weather was like in Bethlehem on that "starry" night so long ago?  Something to think about!

Have a great Christmas "season!"

Evelyn Gibson


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