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Celebrating in June!

  • Friday, June 19, 2009
  • Lee Ann Jackson
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June is one of my favorite months . . . it marks the end of the school year (Hooray for no homework to check!), but even more importantly, it's the gatherings that happen in June that I really love-graduation parties and wedding ceremonies! 

And for the Ambassador family, this June is extra special as we look forward to celebrating the matrimony of our own KiYong and Carolyn

Join us as we send them off to wedding bliss by sharing a special Bible verse, helpful hint or some sage wisdom from one married couple to another . . . here's a few we're sharing:

> Pray together (and pray often)!

> Actions truly do speak louder than words; Don't just tell your partner of your love, show it!

> Marriage is a partnership. Commit to each other and to your marriage from day one, and work on your relationship every day.

> Don't stop dating each other-remember to set aside time to court after the wedding!

What's your advice for our Bride and Groom?


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