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Embracing the Journey

  • Tuesday, July 21, 2009
  • Michelle Blood
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After living in So Cal most of my life, I anticipated our relocation to the Amish countryside to be idyllic.  Besides missing family and friends, though, it was difficult to get used to the endless rainy days, not finding one good Mexican restaurant nearby, a lack of retail stores (i.e. Macy's), horse and buggies slowing down traffic   . . . and then, there's that pungent smell of farmers preparing their soil for crops.   Yep, quite a contrast to my life in California. 


Recently while Steve and I were driving home from church, God reminded me of the countless blessings we've enjoyed since our journey here.  Gorgeous autumn days.   Rolling hills, everything green.  Farmer's markets and antique auctions.  Country drives and covered bridges, right at our doorstep.  And if we wanted to get away, NYC, D.C., and the NJ beaches are only a 2 hour drive.   All the more exciting, we live in a city rich in history and tradition, family values, and a deep Christian faith.  Still a contrast to So Cal, but one that I now embrace!



But we miss you Michelle! Steve too. Visit us soon!

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