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The Dog Days of Summer!

  • Friday, July 31, 2009
  • Chloe Miss
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I'm all over that "dog days" idea.  You may think it's all about the icky, sticky days of Summer when you're better off in an air-conditioned dog house.  But it originated with the ancient Romans who thought the earth got its heat from the stars.  The brightest was Canis Major ("big dog")-Sirius.  Hey, I'm not just some pretty face-I know these things!

Bring treats-I'll see you on facebook.

Chloe (Ambassador's "big dog")



Chloe, you're looking smashing!

My little girl is Mallie Mae, an 8 lb fawn-colored chihuahua. I've heard said chi's are 'one person' dogs but this little sweetheart adores and charms everyone! She'll celebrate her 2nd bday on Aug 5 with a teddy bear themed party :)

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