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The 4x4 Club (This Has Nothing To Do With Trucks)

Well, we've done it. It has taken many years and several legal loopholes, but the men of Ambassador have finally found a way to combine our two favorite things: starting new traditions and eating way too much hamburger in one sitting.

It all started on Wednesday, August 12th 2009, when JC said "Hey, let's make Robert eat a 4x4 from In-N-Out for his birthday." We all laughed heartily at the thought of one person eating that much ground beef at once. The only person not laughing was Robert, after we actually made him eat it.

As Robert sat there digesting the beast of a burger, clutching his heart and crying a little, we made the proclamation "this needs to happen a lot more often!" And why not? What better way to celebrate getting older than by consuming an unhealthy amount of meat?

What was once merely a day of joyous celebration has become a day of joyous celebration and antacid medication.

And so, I would like to congratulate Robert Jacobsen on being the first official member - and by default, president - of the Ambassador 4x4 Club. (Sorry, no girls allowed.)

Just be glad this isn't the 700 Club.


Yeah, but it was protein style. I think an asterisk is called for!

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