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“Today, I Am Your Angel”

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009
  • Jim Sanders
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YCoastal Hikingou know that feeling in your stomach when you first think you've lost your wallet?  Well, Saturday morning, I had that feeling . . . for good reason. 

I'd been hiking for 2½ hours.  In the tired process of drying my pouring sweat and slinking into my car, I somehow lost what is essentially my wallet: all the important credit cards, driver's license and cash.  I didn't realize something was missing until my grocery store stop on the way home.  I reached for my life-wrapped-in-a-rubber-band and it was gone.

A hasty and thorough search of my car confirmed my worst fear: the sum and substance of my life was lying somewhere on 12 miles of trail or a parking lot.  At that point, I'd have been happy to have only lost the cash, as long as I could get the cards back and avoid the endless hours of replacing my license.

I was assembling the list of credit card companies to call in my head when I phoned my wife to tell her the horrible news.  She made sure I had double-checked everything, and generously commiserated. 

While we were talking, the house phone rang with news . . . someone found my life!

I raced to meet this kind stranger, calculating the size of his justifiable reward.  When I attempted to hand him a well-deserved reward, he refused.  I insisted and he refused again.  He just smiled and said, "No, I won't take that.  Today, I am your angel.  Tomorrow, you be someone else's angel."

Boy, he couldn't be more right! 

What a great thing to be touched by an angel.  What a better thing to be an angel.  So today . . . be someone else's angel!  I know I'm going to try!

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