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September 11 In Ethiopia

  • Friday, September 11, 2009
  • Evelyn Gibson
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The 9/11 date has special significance for us here in the US, no question since 2001.  But for my friends in Ethiopia it's their New Year.  There are so many reasons why I'm drawn to Ethiopia-it's kind of a quirky country like I'm quirky!  Last evening I spent nearly an hour emailing friends in Ethiopia wishing them happy New Year!

It's a fun "difference" I thought you might enjoy knowing!  Plus you get to knock 7 years off your age, because Ethiopia today is celebrating 2002!  They use a Coptic calendar, Egyptian time!  The differences in how they calculate everything is beyond my pay grade, but it has to do with the differences in how the date of Jesus' Annunciation is calculated.  I keep it simple!  They have 12 months of 30 days, plus 5 or 6 solar days to make a 13th month.  When you land in Addis, in the airport there's a sign that says, "Welcome to Addis Ababa-where the sun shines 13 months a year!"

So happy New Year!

(pic is of me and my brother, Demissee in leadership with Compassion in Ethiopia)


Dear Evelyn,
I loved reading your message under the title 'September 11 in Ethiopia.'
I truly appreicate your knowledge about Ethiopia and the country's history.
I feel so privileged to have taken a picture with you at the center of Addis Ababa when you last came to visit your sponsored children through Compassion.
You are such a blessing
Be blessed,

Dear Evelyn,

I work with Carole Inman on the AnGeL Ministries® team. My husband and I traveled to Ethiopia last year when we adopted our (then) 7-year old son. I know exactly where standing are in that picture. :-) Thanks for this post as now September 11 also has dual significance in our family as well. God bless you as you bless the children of Ethiopia.
--Julie Armstrong
AnGeL Ministries®

You spent nearly an hour e-mailing friends "Happy New Year" from Ethiopia ... and you didn't e-mail me? Are we not friends any more? Boo-hoo. Did you eat goat on New Year's?

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