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  • Wednesday, September 23, 2009
  • J.C. Colón
  • Jennifer Perez
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Greetings once again fellow AFC'ers

Week three is history.  Like the weather here in So Cal, the race to the top of the AFC is heating up, you may want to consider putting the TMS on your Christmas list. 

In week 2 the staff division found LeeAnn Jackson, Katie Burke and Micah Haughey in a 3-way tie (all at 20-6) for the top spot.  In the ministry partner division Sam Smith of Mercy Ships® won convincingly while posting a 21-5 record.  Good job Sam!

When I asked Deputy Commish Jennifer Perez about week 3 winners she responded "WOW--a rough week which caused a bit of a shake-up in the overall standings!". The Heat is defintely on!  Week 3 Ministry Partner division.  Week 3 Staff division.

Congratulations to all competing to be the wisest AFC football minds in the country!

Be sure to post some smack talk, trash talk, talk talk.  We know it's all in football fun.  If there is a particular game you'd like to see in the picks leave a comment or email me.

Thanks and good luck this week.

The Commish-


Well, my brief moment in the sun was nice. Back under a cloud this week. :(

Let's hope the Chargers can pull out a win next week and get LT back in the game!!

Being more of the Wimbledon persuasion, I'm not entirely sure who to cheer for this next week. But boy, I hope to be bringing in those M & M's again! :)

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