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Who Won? AFC - 2009 Results

  • Wednesday, February 3, 2010
  • J.C. Colón
  • Micah Haughey
  • Jennifer Perez
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The 2009 AFC season has come to a close.  The votes have been counted, recounted and then shredded to avoid further recounting. All final results were tabulated and the winners are now declared!  While it's true that we connect ministry and media, we certainly also like to connect fun with food, which is why our winners this season will enjoy either an In-N-Out or Chick-Fil-A gift card. 

Our Ministry Partner division was certainly interesting this season as the number one seat often had a new winner sitting in it each week. In the end though, it's The Wilkins Team headed up by Mitchell Mathis resting comfortably at the top of the charts in 1st place!  There was a tie for 2nd place, so congratulations also go to Sam Smith of Mercy Ships® and Glenn Price of Mercy Works.  Well done everyone, your prizes are on their way.

This year in the AFC, 20 players in the staff division played in all 435 games, and are recipients of the Iron Man/Woman award. They will enjoy In-N-Out gift cards for not missing a single game - hooray! 

We also split the staff into 4 teams to vie for the coveted team award:  The Pac 5, TGTE (The Greatest Team Ever), The Heat, and your winner The "A" Team. The winning team is comprised of Jani Williamson, Bill Reitler, John W., Kathy Randall, and JC.  The "A" Team will enjoy some fiery fowl at the local Chick-Fil-A.AFC - 2009 Winners

The AFC Staff Division saw a few repeatcustomers riding the coveted throne of AFC for consecutive weeks.  Alas, to the victors go the spoils...The AFC 2009 winners are as follows:  3rd place goes to Lee Ann Jackson, 2nd place is Micah Haughey, and this year's best "winning football-team" predictor is none other than  our Commish, JC.  All winners will enjoy a fine dinner, compliments of our gracious host, Ambassador.

Thank you to all who played.  We look forward to doing this again very soon when the fun and heated competition start again, see you in August!  Fight On!  Roll Tide! Go Bruins! Go Saints!

Are the Colts destined for a second Super  Bowl title in four years? Or, will the Saints go marching in to collect their first Lombardi Trophy?  Who has the edge?

Think you know your Super Bowl Trivia? 

Try this: http://www.nfl.com/superbowl/44/trivia

JC, Jennifer Perez, Micah Haughey


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Thanks for a really fun year, JC! I appreciate you making it so enjoyable.

I still can't believe Peggy didn't finish last in the Staff division. Way to go Peg!! That was very gentlemanly of you, Chad to let Peg beat you by a game. You know where your bread is buttered.

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