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Altho we represent some of the most talented communicators in Christendom ... well, we actually have something to say ourselves. We may be slightly prejudiced but we like to think we have some very astute, and creative, thinkers at Ambassador. Here's what's been on their minds most recently. Oh--feel free to post a comment too ... in fact, we'd love to hear what you think as well!

It's Not Just for Boys!

  • Tuesday, August 17, 2010
  • Lee Ann Jackson
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Proving that In N Out is not just for boys, a group of us gals helped our own Katie celebrate her birthday today enjoying the So Cal weather and signature hamburgers, fries and shakes!

True to who Katie is, in addition to enjoying the food, we enjoyed fellowshipping around the table as she shared stories from her recent trip to Bolivia to birthday wishes from her niece and nephew - "You're how old?" (Gotta love the things kids say!).

But even more importantly, true to who Katie is, she's a gal who's not only enthusiastic about the physical ...

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Eat What You Love

  • Friday, March 26, 2010
  • J.C. Colón
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Ambassador - We Connect - Ministry and Media.  But on this fine day we changed things up a bit by Connecting - Meat-istry and Meat-ia.

It was with great joy we gathered on Monday to celebrate and contemplate the future of Jery Lee, who, after ingesting sixteen hamburger patties, most likely does not have long on this earth. After eating a true 4x4 from In-N-Out, he proceeded to ingest three additional quad-patty burgers. Out of respect for his heart, we left off the cheese and other trimmings.

                Jery and the Quads     Jery chowing down     Meat     All done   
Out of respect for his masculinity, we goaded and teased as his arteries slowly closed in ...

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Sometimes You Only Get One Chance ...

  • Wednesday, February 10, 2010
  • Jennifer Perez
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... to make a good, first impression!  Last night's American Idol show was a good illustration of this.

I was very surprised by a few of the contestants who made it to Hollywood, but failed miserably with their first round of auditions on the big stage.

As the amiable host, Ryan Seacrest stated, "we'll see how well they perform under the bright lights and big stage of the Kodak Theatre."  Either the nerves took over or some just seemed ill-prepared for the task.  Judge Simon Cowell, infamous for telling it like it is, responded to one contestant by saying ...

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