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Traditions-- Gotta Love Them?

  • Thursday, January 6, 2011
  • Lee Ann Jackson
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What better time than the first week of a New Year to think about traditions

There are standard traditions like giving loved ones a box of chocolates on Valentine's Day or watching fireworks on the 4th of July.

Traditions can also be personal . . . in our house, we have a number of traditions -- from the silly to the significant.   There's mommy tickle time (ok, so only my 8 year old still appreciates this tradition!), to family prayers before bedtime.  Whether mundane or momentous, traditions play an important role in life --- they're a great way to bind families and friends together.

Today I was reminded of a tradition I sometimes love and sometimes not so much.  For nearly two decades now, a former co-worker and I have treated the winner of the cross town rivalry UCLA-USC football game to lunch. 

Today marked the 19th time we honored the tradition (not that I'm counting!).  This year, to my dismay (and bruise to my alumni pride), our In N Out lunch was on me.  Hence, I'm not really feeling the love for the tradition . . . this year.   

So, what are some of your traditions?  Maybe you have some you've been thinking about starting (or, like me, have been thinking about stopping!).

Post your tradition below and we'll select the most creative and unique entry to win lunch at In N Out (if you aren't fortunate enough to live in a city where an In N Out is located, we'll send you one of their great t-shirts!).

And who knows . . . maybe this will become a new Ambassador tradition!






Our new tradition is for Jennifer and I to pray in the morning prior to either one of us leaves our bed. This has really improved our connection.

On the way home from any church mountain retreat we always stop at...In N Out! I'm sure the tradition will hold even this weekend as I head up the hill today.

(I'm almost glad Chick-Fil-A is not open on Sunday for this reason...it minimizes the debate among my fellow passengers!)

Instead of using a door frame to mark the height of our children we use a portable 1x2 that is 8 feet in length. Each year on their birthday we mark their height and draw and paint a symbol/picture that represents something about them we want to remember from the year.

It already has a picture of "Hop on Pop" (representing our daughter's love of the book her first year), and soon will have a bicycle and LEGO brick for our son's 5th birthday since he learned to ride his bike during his 4th year and discovered the joys of LEGOs. It's a fun tradition carried out on/around their birthday on the thing we call the "totem pole." We pray we will one day get to paint a cross for the year they come to know Christ!

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