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Dick Becvar

Joining the Ambassador team in 2008, Dick Becvar serves as General Manager of our technology subsidiary, Amb-OS Media, LLC. Dick has more than thirty years' experience in the fields of satellite and terrestrial communications technology.  Amb-OS is the fifth (and best) start-up company with which Dick has been associated.

Having grown up in central Iowa, Dick now lives with his wife, Juleen, in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.  Dick and Juleen have raised three children, all of which currently reside in surrounding metro suburbs.  Juleen & Dick both enjoy various aspects of gardening (Juleen is the mastermind, Dick is the laborer/transplanter).  Trinity Baptist Church in Maplewood, MN is home base for worship activities.

Fun Facts About Dick

My favorite office supply is ... #3 lead pencils (I'm a non-conformist)

I'll never understand ...why I need to complete this survey TODAY.

My favorite childhood storybook was ...The Adventures of Tom Swift.

I'm really good at ... procrastination.    

Always look forward to ... vision screenings at the optometrist ("is a or b clearer, is c or b better, now how about d versus c?").