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Jery Lee

One visit to Shutterfly and you'll see why we count on Jery to take pictures of our Ambassador events--let's see, how many photos is that now?  (You don't want to know!) 

A longtime skilled member of our Satellite crew, Jery proficiently assists with Amb-OS processes but, frankly, this is the guy with a servant's heart, willing to pitch in "wherever needed," so don't be surprised when you spot him giving the warehouse a new coat of paint.  He and his wife, Joanne (a veteran schoolteacher), have two young children, Jeffrey and Jamie.  They're very active at Cross-Community Church in Irvine.

Fun Facts About Jery

The three guests I'd have to dinner would be ... my oldest sister (who I have never met), Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo) and Charles Dickens--I love all his books and yes Scrooge will always be my favorite.

The biggest item on my bucket list is ... the bucket!   I'm simple, I'm content, and I don't care to be rich!

No one has meant more to my spiritual growth than ... my son Jeffrey.  Although he's only 6 years old, he always reminds me when it's time to pray before we eat, what he's learned in Sunday school and asks 101 questions and if I don't know, I have to go and find the answers.

From my last trip, I brought back ... a rock!  Yes, that's right.  I try to bring back a rock from all parts of the world I've been--one day I'll make them a part of my driveway.

Always look forward to ... activity time -- I do an activity with my family every weekend; I try to go to every show, museum, fair, concert, sports game (et al) that I can find. I have an Ironman award for the most Activities done in a single day (14).