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Kathy Randall

As part of the accounting team, Kathy's commitment to fiscal matters is a tremendous asset to the Agency.  In addition to being responsible for speedy payment of all station invoices (makes her a popular name at AAA!), she manages to oversee much more including personnel issues and such!   Kathy arrived at Ambassador in 2000 after 14 years at The Capital Group at a time that her skills and training were particularly vital and appreciated.  

A dedicated gardener, you're also apt to find her in our great kitchen at lunchtime with a good book in hand.  Kathy and her husband, Chuck, attend Trinity Reformed Baptist Church (La Mirada).

Fun Facts About Kathy

I cry every time ... I chop onions.

I never miss ... kissing my husband before I leave for work.

My favorite office supply is ... the ruler.  It keeps me accurate and outlines my next move.  And the eraser--totally removes an error and my badly written memos.

The anchor verse for my life is ... Psalm 32:8.

The three guests I'd have to dinner would be ... Mother Theresa, Margaret Thatcher, and George & Laura Bush (ok, four).