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Mark Conner

Surf's up and Mark's out ... well, only on summer days when his own Summer (oldest daughter) can get the whole family off to Doheny for their favorite sport.  Most days Mark is actually at the computer producing some of our most creative programming. That's what experience (from razor blades to digital over two decades at AAA) can do for you -- that and talent!  

The Conner family also includes wife, Cathy, and younger daughter, Sarah -- they're active at Rose Drive Friends Church (Yorba Linda).  And, just a side note -- Mark is a perennial "First Place" winner in our annual Halloween costume contest.

Fun Facts About Mark

I always look forward to ... heading to the beach with my family to surf the local surfing spots.

I couldn't be prouder ... of my family.  My wife, Cathy, loves to play sports as much as I do--when she's not playing soccer or basketball she loves being around our two daughters.  Both girls love the Lord and their favorite place to be is at home, hanging out with our family.

My childhood ambition was ... to ride a unicycle.  I can and still do.  I have a six-footer I get out on once in a while.

On my iPod is ... a smorgasbord.  I grew up listening to my parents' 50's music, love the 60's lyrics, the 70's soul, the 80's vibe, and I have a few Country and Christian songs mixed in.

I never miss ... a chance to watch old movie and classic TV shows.