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Michelle Blood

One of our team for more than 20 years, Michelle is an integral part of the Marketing group though the breadth of service at AAA over the years makes her wisdom invaluable on all fronts.  After a "parenthetical" stint of working remote from the East Coast, Michelle and her husband, Steve, now reside in Orange CA--just perfect for a couple that enjoys hitting antique shops (yes, we have those here too).

Part of the joy in being back in California is being close to son, Joe, and extended family for Michelle once again.  It's also just right for a brisk walk in the evening while listening to favorite Christian teaching broadcasts (and music too :)).  The Bloods attend Kindred Community Church (Anaheim Hills), pastored by Philip DeCourcey.


Fun Facts About Michelle

A defining moment for me was ... choosing life for my son when I was single and pregnant.

From my last trip, I brought back ... a Harley-Davidson T-shirt for my husband.

I can't live without ... texting my son once a day.

The biggest item on my bucket list is ... to go on a missionary trip abroad.

I was so embarrassed when ... for the second year in a row (!), I didn't recognize that the same news piece was an April Fool's joke.  (Thank you, KKIM!)