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Sheri Cooper

Hers is the first voice you'll hear (usually) when calling Ambassador and we think it's a most welcome one.  But like most of the team, Sheri's contribution is far from one-dimensional ... you'll find her providing support in Marketing as well as Accounting -- that's what happens when you're good at more than one thing! 

When she isn't managing the "office life" of Ambassador, she's using her creative gifts in a number of ways--you should see her quilt masterpieces!  An inveterate reader, she also fellowships at Rose Drive Friends (Yorba Linda).  But, at the top of her list, what Sheri loves most are her seven grandkids!

Fun Facts About Sheri

From my last trip, I brought back ... plumeria from Hawaii.

I always laugh at ... I Love Lucy re-runs.

I can't live without ... a book or quilt project.

I'd describe a perfect day as ... one spent with my family.

My favorite office supply is ... coffee!