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How do you "guarantee" delivery?
By using the S-FTP receiver's connection to the Internet to "report home" when there are missing pieces of the audio file (also known as "packets"). In that instance, those missing portions will be re-transmitted, via satellite or Internet, if so configured, until the file is complete. This return connection is not critical for the receiver to operate. 

What programs are available on the AMR-100 receiver?
In addition to all the programs that were heard on the Focus Satellite Network and Ambassador Inspirational Radio satellite network., we're currently serving the "who's who" of Christian radio http://www.amb-os.com/broadcasts.html.

We're continuing to expand that list to others who also wish to have high quality, addressable and guaranteed delivery of programming.  In fact, we've had stations tell us that because of the ease of operation of the Amr-100 and it's ever developing User Interface,  they won't carry programs that are not on Amb-OS.

Will you send any types of files other than audio?
It is possible, yes. Since the AMR-100 is just an intelligent FTP host, it can store just about any type of file which may include: Promo packs, copy for on-air support, training videos, graphics for Web promotion, etc.

How do I know which files to obtain?
A full list is available at http://www.focussat.net/ambos/pgms.html.  There, you'll find the programs available as well as a link to the live broadcasts being sent via Amb-OS.

What does the AMR-100 receiver cost?
The AMR-100 is $595 and sold through Satcom Resources (http://www.satcomresources.com/Amb-OS-Media-AMR-100-Receiver). 

Does the signal interfere with my Unity 4000 or make it obsolete?
Not at all. The two devices will work side-by-side without a problem.


For more great answers to your questions, visite the Amb-OS site.