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Amb-OS Announces Expansion for Media Delivery System

  • Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Making it possible for stations searching for reliable, cost-effective programming without local satellite downlink capability, Amb-OS Media announced a widened footprint for their delivery system. 

With this development, the company's transmission system is capable of "reaching any broadcast facility in the world which has broadband Internet access," said Amb-OS President, Jim Sanders.

The international community will benefit from this expanded reach as many stations are operated by a limited number of staff. With this advancement, stations only need broadband access to take advantage of much of the benefit of Amb-OS including access to over 230 broadcasts, user-friendly, set-and-forget  local transfer software, "self-cleaning" routines which remove outdated programs, as well as "back-filling/ back loading technology" which repairs damaged or missing programs. This is particularly beneficial for international locations operating in other time zones.

"Our design path has always included stations not capable of receiving our satellite signal.  The AMR-100I now allows us to broaden our reach to the rest of the globe," Sanders said.  The new firmware has been in beta testing for more than one year and was released for field use in January of 2010.

Amb-OS will be hosting an open house on Tuesday, March 2, of NRB at 9:00 AM in the Ambassador Suite (Presidential Boardroom A). Following this event at 11:00 AM a Amb-OS AMR-100 will be given away, as well as two 42 inch television screens. Winners will be determined through a drawing.

Amb-OS Media, LLC is an operating partnership headed by Ambassador Advertising Agency, located in Irvine (CA).  Ambassador has been privileged to serve as a leader in Christian broadcasting since 1959.  The AAA team supports more than 20 ministry partners, each dedicated to communicating Truth and its practical application for today's culture.  With the platform of a nearly 50-year legacy, a core objective at Ambassador is to utilize its media expertise, combined with innovative technology, to maximize Kingdom impact




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