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BreakPoint®, The Point® and BreakPoint® This Week, founded by Chuck Colson as a ministry of Prison Fellowship and the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, intentionally move listeners toward greater synergy in a complete worldview experience.

A three-in-one worldview concept; while each broadcast stands on its own, together, they deliver value-added programming.


Eric Metaxas

Eric Metaxas, along with John Stonestreet, is the voice of the daily BreakPoint® commentary now ...

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John Stonestreet

As the Executive Director for The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, and as a ...

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News & Press Releases

A Biblical Look at Same-Sex Marriage

  • Mon, Jul 28, 2014

Same-sex marriage is here, presenting unique challenges and opportunities.  Are you finding it difficult to best articulate the case for one-man and one-woman marriage in every-day conversation? 

How can you defend God's definition of marriage in a culture that's almost criminalized dissent on the issue?  Fortunately, two authors have come together to write a book titled simply, "Same-Sex Marriage," by John Stonestreet and Sean McDowell.

On last weekend's "BreakPoint® This Week" broadcast, guest host Eric Metaxas interviewed John and Sean who discussed how we got to this point in the same-sex marriage debate and how we can ...

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BreakPoint® reports on Crisis in Iraq

  • Mon, Jun 23, 2014

Recently, in a special BreakPoint® program, Eric Metaxas provided a breaking news commentary regarding the crisis in Iraq.  And, in Monday night's TV program, "Worldview from the Colson Center," Canon White, "The Vicar of Baghdad" and 2014 Colson Center Wilberforce Award recipient gives a special report on the dangerous situation developing in Iraq in a special show airing on the NRB Network TV channel. 

In this interview, Canon White talks about the current crisis in Iraq and the dire plight of many Iraqi Christians who have suffered and many who are homeless after fleeing for their lives.  Watch the ...

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Memorial Day: Remember Them

  • Tue, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day took on new meaning for me and my family this year as our nephew, Luke Hutchison, a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army, was recently deployed to Afghanistan.

Luke's mom (my sister-in-law) posted this public message to him on Facebook, "Proud of you...your bravery, your commitment, and your service.  And all the amazing soldiers, past and present, who love freedom enough to risk their lives for it.  THANK YOU."

Of course, I "liked" her post, but more than being a proud "Auntie," this Memorial Day ...

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