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DENNIS RAINEY'S LATEST . . . Stepping Up: A Call to Courageous Manhood

By Dennis Rainey

As men, all of us face decisions in life that demand courage. Big or little, complex or straightforward, these choices--let's call them battles--matter a great deal. One courageous choice leads to another; tomorrow's integrity depends on today's bravery.  Dennis Rainey identifies five stages of a man's journey through life and calls them to step up to responsibility and inspiring others in the process.


For Men Only

By Shaunti and Jeff Feldham

So you've been trying to figure her out for years. Well now you have the key that can help you unlock the secrets behind her mysterious ways. Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn, through interviews and surveys, help you uncover the secret that women can be understood. So discover for yourself revelations that will help you love your wife and understand her needs!

For Women Only

By Shaunti Feldham

Do you have a hard time understanding why men behave the way they do? Do you ever wish you could get inside the mind of your husband? In a woman-to-woman conversation you will never forget, Shaunti Feldhahn takes you beneath the surface into the inner lives of men. With results from a national survey and interviews of over 1,000 men, you will discover eye-opening revelations that will help you understand how to love your man for who he is!


This game for married couples challenges husbands to think like their wives and vice versa. While competing against other couples, your spouse will guess how you would answer questions from five different categories. You'll love scoring extra credit points while you and your spouse do wacky stunts together. If you mismatch answers on certain questions, you and your spouse will have to do a fun penalty. Watch out-you could be in a 30-second lip lock! Spouse-ology is an excellent ice-breaker or celebration for a couple's small group!  For 2-6 married couples.

While They Are Sleeping

By Anne Arkins, Gary Harrell

Silence has at last settled around your house ... but prayer means volumes. What kind of difference can yours make?  Don't take your children's character lying down. While They Are Sleeping leads you as you lift your kids to God around 12 vital character traits.  With over 100,000 distributed globally, this book has equipped parents around the world to connect with the One who loves their children most.  Because He can change them, completing the good work He's begun.  The greatest life change in any child may begin while they're sound asleep.