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FamilyLife Equips Military Couples To Protect Marriage

  • Tuesday, September 22, 2009

They defend freedom. They risk their lives. They are heroes. Our men and women serving in uniform make daily sacrifices...and so do their families. Unfortunately, one of the growing casualties in the armed services is the extreme stress it puts on a marriage. Responding to the rising rates of divorce and suicide within the U.S. military, FamilyLife is standing with these families by offering "Weekend to Remember" marriage conferences at a significantly discounted rate for military couples.

"Making a marriage work is never easy, and it is difficult for any husband or wife to not 'bring the office home,'" said Major General (Retired) Robert Dees, executive director of Campus Crusade's Military Ministry, a FamilyLife partner ministry. "When 'the office' is a battlefield, and a couple isn't equipped with the necessary tools to deal with those experiences, such as separation and the fear of losing one's life or one's spouse, the results can be disastrous. In that spirit, FamilyLife and Military Ministry are committed to strengthening the bonds between the heroes who serve and the spouses they love."

FamilyLife's military marriage initiative comes on the heels of reports of rising suicide rates within the United States military. One of the ways the military has chosen to combat this tragic trend is by encouraging soldiers and their spouses to participate in marriage enrichment programs offered by chaplains at military posts around the country. To provide resources to military marriages worldwide, FamilyLife has set up a HomeBuilders: Making Your Marriage Deployment Ready small group study. that offers resources specific to military marriages, as well as a downloadable sample of the

"We want to do whatever we can to support military marriages," said FamilyLife President, CEO and Co-Founder Dennis Rainey.  "We recognize and revere the tremendous responsibility and stress placed on our servicemen and women, and that such a career can truly take a toll on one's marriage and family."

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