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FamilyLife - The Art of Marriage

The Art of Marriage

FamilyLife Presents The Art of Marriage


A New Video Conference Series

With more than 30 years of experience in helping couples establish a godly home, the team at FamilyLife has created a video based resource that delivers the same biblically-based content that thousands of couples have experienced at weekend getaways-in a new format that makes it feasible to share with thousands more!

The Art of Marriage consists of six video sessions with an accompanying workbook that provides couples with projects that will help them apply what they learn.  It's designed to be used by churches, small groups, or as a community-wide event.  Instead of The Art of Marriage content being delivered by a single person, a variety of methods are used to communicate the biblical content, such as interviews with pastors and Bible teachers, testimonies, animation, small group discussions, short films, and man-on-the-street interviews.




Recently, a group of FamilyLife station partners took part in a special preview of the conference and here is what some shared after the experience . . .

The content in "The Art of Marriage" is so powerful AND it is communicated in a very entertaining, fast-paced and effective way. This will be an incredible tool for years to come in the fight to strengthen marriages and families.  From our perspective as a mission-driven radio station, families are at the center of why we do what we do.  For that reason, I don't think I could be more excited about helping draw listeners to "The Art of Marriage," whether we put the event on ourselves or we promote others in our market doing so.  Every couple, no matter how solid they may be right now, will benefit from soaking in this experience and teaching.  I know because my wife and I already have. 

-Joe Paulo, Director of Broadcasting
New Life 91.9, WRCM / Charlotte
89.7, WMHK / Columbia

"The Art of Marriage" is superbly produced and a wonderful addition to the ministry efforts of FamilyLife.  This presentation lends itself nicely to forming partnerships between radio stations and churches.  The ideas are limitless as to how stations and churches can work together to promote and host a Friday night and Saturday impact on today's families. 

KHCB is onboard to help in any way we can to let "The Art of Marriage" be seen by as many people as possible.

-Bruce Munsterman, KHCB Network

"The Art of Marriage" was an entertaining, informative and spiritually encouraging means for us to invest in our marriage.  The content reaffirmed what we were doing right, but also challenged us to be inspired and even more intentional about investing in our relationship, not just for us, but for the legacy we leave with our family and friends.  Well done!  Your listeners will thank you for this!

-Chris Lemke, Executive Director | Cornerstone University Radio (WCSG-FM)

2-11-11 "An Event Your Listeners Will Thank You For!"

On February 11th, 2011, FamilyLife will launch The Art of Marriage nationwide.  We are praying for at least 1,000 churches or individuals to join with us in hosting an event that weekend.  Will you be a part of this history-making event?

For more information about how your station can participate in hosting "The Art of Marriage" in your area, contact Jennifer@ambaa.com!

Visit www.2-11-11.com today!