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Emilie Barnes And Jim Garlow Observe National Cancer Survivor Day

  • Thursday, May 15, 2008

For broadcasters Emilie Barnes (Keep It Simple) and Jim Garlow (The Garlow Perspective), National Cancer Survivor Day (NCSD) is more than simply another holiday—it is a recognition of a significant milestone. And that’s how thousands across the world feel too.


On June 1st, cancer survivors in the United States, Canada, and other participating countries will observe the 21st annual NCSD. A “survivor” is anyone living with a history of cancer—from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life. According to this, an estimated 12 million Americans are cancer survivors.


As those who have had cancer know, this disease is not an individual battle. Rather, it is a battle the entire family faces together. This past year, many radio listeners have witnessed exactly this sort of situation in the life of Jim Garlow, whose wife, Carol, is in remission. In his 25:00 radio special, “When the Doctor Says Cancer,” Jim openly and honestly shares the challenges faced by families effected by cancer. And undergirding this discussion is the hope found for believers in Jesus Christ.


Also celebrating this June, Emilie Barnes is providing stations with a personal :30 greeting to be aired on NCSD. Undergoing a 7 year arduous battle with cancer herself, Emilie recalls vividly the struggles she faced. But just as strongly, she also recalls how her life changed for the better.


“The worst time of my ordeal was the loss of energy and fatigue leading up to my diagnosis and, of course, the day I was told that I had cancer. The big C announcement was a very low point. The best part of the ordeal is having each new day. I have a renewed quality of life that I never thought possible. Our new battle cry is, “God is so good!”


Both Jim Garlow’s radio special and Emilie Barnes’ personal greeting, appropriate for release June 1st, are available at the Ambassador FTP site.


Keep It Simple and The Garlow Perspective are represented by Ambassador Advertising Agency, located in Irvine (CA). AAA has been privileged to serve as a leader in Christian broadcasting since 1959.  The AAA team supports more than 20 ministry partners, each dedicated to communicating Truth and its practical application for today’s culture.  With the platform of a nearly 50-year legacy, a core objective at Ambassador is to utilize its media expertise, combined with innovative technology, to maximize Kingdom impact.


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