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Jim Garlow Uses Halloween To Engage Culture About Afterlife

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009

With over 30 million trick-or-treaters hitting the streets on October 31, Halloween reveals the underlying fascination our culture has with the afterlife-spirits, ghosts, loved ones who've died. In a straightforward and candid special, "Heaven and the Afterlife," Jim Garlow explains the biblical evidence for what happens when a person dies...and what we can know about the supernatural realm.

Bringing biblical clarity to questions like "will I know my loved one in Heaven," and "Why does God even allow Satan to exist," Garlow explores the facts found in Scriptures for what happens after we die.

With 70% of Americans believing in life after death, Halloween is the ideal time to engage with society on this topic. While neighborhoods will be flooded with families celebrating the day, Garlow equips Christians to join the conversation with solid, informed answers based on Truth.

The 25:00 special is available via Amb-OS and FTP. Contact Carolyn Kim with questions or for permission to air.

"The Garlow Perspective" is represented by Ambassador Advertising Agency, located in Irvine (CA). AAA has been privileged to serve as a leader in Christian broadcasting since 1959.  The AAA team supports more than 20 ministry partners, each dedicated to communicating Truth and its practical application for today's culture.  With the platform of a nearly 50-year legacy, a core objective at Ambassador is to utilize its media expertise, combined with innovative technology, to maximize Kingdom impact. 



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