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The Garlow Perspective - News & Press Releases

Avoiding Politics?

  • Tue, May 31, 2016

Yes, it's only the end of May and I think most of us would say that we've become weary of this election season, highly anticipating the final result in November.

My teenage daughter groans when she hears discussion about the political candidates on the radio; she's "so over it!"  I have to admit that I'm pretty over it, too.  But, we know that it's important for us to stay informed and be involved so that we can speak out about the important issues, when needed.

Pastor Jim Garlow has much to say about a Christian ...

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Wake Up America!

  • Mon, Apr 25, 2016

Next Thursday, May 5th, is the 65th annual National Day of Prayer and on his daily feature "The Garlow Perspective," Jim Garlow will give a special message that we hope you will air and possibly use in your talk show that day.

Jim states . . .

"Wake Up America!"  It's this year's National Day of Prayer theme and I couldn't agree more!

The National Day of Prayer Task Force has taken Isaiah 58:1 as their Scripture for this year: "Shout it aloud, do not hold back.  Raise your voice like a trumpet!"

Today as we rally ...

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United Cry - DC16

  • Mon, Mar 28, 2016

In an upcoming edition of "The Garlow Perspective," Jim Garlow says, "When a nation is in crisis, the Bible is clear about the solution!"  He goes on to share from Joel 2 which states, "Call a sacred assembly, gather the people, sanctify the congregation, assemble the leaders . . ."

Well, this is exactly what's about to take place!  On April 9th, United Cry DC16 is sponsoring a gathering of 30,000 plus pastors and Christian leaders, of which Jim will be a part.  These leaders will come together at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. to pray for America ...

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