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The Garlow Perspective - News & Press Releases

Protecting and Promoting the Rights of Our Churches

  • Tue, Sep 2, 2014

jim-garlowTo what extent should a pastor become involved in political debate?

Ask Pastor Jim Garlow that question and his response will be:

"Let me ask you this.  In Matthew 28, does Jesus say,
'Go into all the world. . .except the political arena... stay away from that
?'  Issues often have a moral element and as such become biblical issues.  And as followers of Jesus, you bet we ought to be there!"

Because of his well-known stance and support of Proposition 8 in California opposing same-sex marriage and speaking of it regularly in the pulpit, Jim was often criticized for being "overly ...

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So—what has Church done for you lately?

  • Mon, Aug 4, 2014

Church lifeBy no means do I attend the perfect church.  The old adage implies, "How could it be perfect if I'm a member?"

But over and over I see and hear of people in my church stepping up when a family needs meals in a crisis, when a loved one dies, prayer before it's asked for, acts of kindness without being asked.  Our worship leader is dying with cancer and one of his dreams is to take an Alaskan Cruise.  He told me just this past week, that "someone" in the church is sending he and his wife to ...

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Christians and the Political Debate: How far should we go?

  • Mon, Jul 7, 2014

Jim Garlow politicsWhen I record with Jim Garlow for "The Garlow Perspective", we never lack for  something of interest to chat about while we wait for the next set up.

Recently I was telling him about my response to an event in Long Beach where I live, and his come-back was, "You ought to present that to City Hall."

There's no question Jim Garlow addresses the issues of the day with passion and insight.  And it's not because he's politically motivated--he's biblically-motivated and isn't afraid to confront the hot issues of the day intelligently and biblically ...

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