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Grace to You® - Books

A Tale of Two Sons

  • John MacArthur

"Of all Jesus' parables, the prodigal son is the most richly detailed, powerfully dramatic, and intensely personal.  The parable is not a warm and fuzzy feel-good message, but a powerful wake-up call with a very earnest warning."
-John MacArthur
It's strange but true.  One of the most familiar, best-loved stories of the Bible is also one of the most misunderstood and poorly taught.  There's more drama, raw emotion, and profound meaning to the parable of the prodigal son than most people realize.
In A Tale of Two Sons, John takes you back in time to Jesus' masterful telling of the penetrating story, helping you hear, understand, and respond to it the same way His original listeners did.  Along the way, John restores the brilliance of the parable, giving you engrossing cultural and historical background, and unveiling a shocking, surprise ending.
A Tale of Two Sons takes you inside God's tender heart for sinners, and spurs you to deeper study of His Word as you see new richness unfold from even this most familiar passage.

Can God Bless America?

  • John MacArthur

America wants God's blessing but not God. Our nation has systematically pushed Him out of the national consciousness-rejecting biblical morality, ignoring His Word, and relying on the political and entertainment arenas for moral guidance. As a result abortion, homosexuality, drug abuse, divorce, and pornography runs rampant.

Given the depth of moral bankruptcy, can God bless America? Is God angry with America? Are we on the brink of judgment rather than blessing?

In Can God Bless America? John MacArthur argues that God can bless America, but only when the clear biblical conditions are met. Includes a critical look at one approach to turning America around that's extremely popular among Christians and political conservatives-moral reform through political action.


Fundamentals of the Faith

  • John MacArthur

Every Sunday morning at Grace Community Church (and throughout the week), small groups of people gather together around this manual for "Fundamentals of the Faith" classes. Thirteen lessons blend basic biblical truths with personal obedience and service. Many young believers take these classes to grow in their understanding of biblical truths.

With topics ranging from the character of God to church participation, it's an ideal study for discipling new believers or returning to the basics of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.


Saved Without a Doubt

  • John MacArthur

Saved Without a Doubt points the way toward experiencing the assurance of salvation God wants every believer to enjoy. This practical book can help you discover the origins of your doubts and teach you to put them to rest for good!

This book comes with a study guide in the back of the book.


The Battle for the Beginning

  • John MacArthur



Ask anyone about their view of origins-the "where did it all come from" kind of questions-and you'll quickly uncover the fundamental underpinnings of their belief system. What people believe about origins shapes their entire worldview.

Sadly, many Christians have come to look at the creation account in Genesis through the lens of secular science. They profess a confidence in the Bible as God's revealed truth, but they are willing to allow modern scientific theories to interpret the biblical account of origins.

Such thinking poses a conspicuous danger, not only to Genesis 1-3, but also to the essential doctrines of the Christian faith. How? "Everything in Scripture that teaches about sin and redemption assumes the literal truth of the first three chapters of Genesis. If we wobble to any degree on the truth of this passage," John insists, "we undermine the very foundations of our faith."

The Battle for the Beginning defends the historic interpretation of Genesis 1-3, addressing some key questions like,

  • Why is the issue of origins so universally controversial?
  • Does the Bible contradict modern science?
  • Which side of the argument does scientific evidence support?
  • What roles should science and the Bible play in a person's beliefs about the physical universe?

With the curiosity of a student and the precision of a veteran Bible teacher, John MacArthur takes you to the heart of the issue to establish the truth about origins.



The Jesus You Can't Ignore

  • John MacArthur

Meek and mild. Politically correct. A great teacher. These are the popular depictions of Jesus. But they aren't the complete picture. Maybe because it's uncomfortable, or maybe because it's inconvenient, Christians and non-Christians alike are overlooking the fierceness of the Savior, His passionate mission to make the Gospel clear and bring people into the Kingdom of God. A mission that required he sometimes raise his voice and sometimes raise a whip.

In the much-needed message in The Jesus You Can't Ignore, renowned Bible teacher and best-selling author John MacArthur reintroduces the compelling and often unsettling passion of Jesus' ministry. MacArthur points to the picture of the real Jesus the world is so eager to gloss over. And he calls readers to emulate Jesus' commitment to further the kingdom by confronting lies and protecting the truth of God.

The Keys to Spiritual Growth

  • John MacArthur

Throughout God's Word it is clear that He longs for us to have a relationship with Him. Sometimes, however, we can get so locked into learning about Him that we neglect to know God Himself. We forget we can go past the written words to the One who authored them - opening our hearts to a richer, more personal knowledge of Him.

John MacArthur guides you through Scripture, showing you the doors to continued growth in grace and faith. Here you'll find the keys of discipleship, including chapters on how to study Scripture, how to function in the body of Christ, and how to witness.

Spiritual maturity is more than our obligation; it's our privilege. With these keys you can unlock the treasures.


The MacArthur Study Bible


For years, the spiritual lives of countless men and women all over the world have been strengthened with the help of The MacArthur Study Bible. This all-in-one spiritual library contains John's personal study notes below the full-length Bible text. Virtually every Scripture has a matching study note with detailed information, explanation, and helpful insight.

Now, for the first time, The MacArthur Study Bible is available in the New American Standard version-the reliable version John has been preaching from for years. The notes are based on John's verse-by-verse approach to the Bible and nearly forty years of careful study. John's goal is to let the Bible speak for itself-nothing more, nothing less.

The MacArthur Study Bible is a resource you must have in your library. It can transform your personal time in God's Word by clarifying difficult passages, bringing unseen cultural and historical details to life, and helping you understand and apply biblical truth.

Here are some of its main features:

  • Complete New American Standard Bible (Updated Edition)
  • Nearly 25,000 explanatory notes
  • New, extensive concordance
  • New overview of theology
  • Black leather binding
  • Thorough cross-references
  • Book introductions
  • Maps, charts, timelines, and much more!


The Murder of Jesus

  • John MacArthur

While all Christians know that Christ died and rose again for sinners, what you may not know is the story behind the story.

John MacArthur's The Murder of Jesus takes you back in time to follow Christ's journey to and through the cross. Weaving together several Bible accounts of the crucifixion and events leading up to it, John provides powerful, poignant insight into what was, at once, the most heinous act of human injustice and the greatest demonstration of love the world will ever see.



Unleashing God's Word in Your Life

  • John MacArthur

John MacArthur shares what he has learned about the Bible, how to study it, and how to discern its meaning. John explains:

-- How the Bible is organized
-- Why we can trust the Bible
-- What the Bible means by what it says
-- How the Bible can reveal God's will
-- How to grow spiritually through Bible study
-- How the Bible prepares you for spiritual battle
-- How God's Word can set us free

Here's a companion for anyone's Bible study that is solid, meaningful, and practical.