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John MacArthur on Being a 'Slave' for Christ, Middle East Unrest

Renowned evangelical preacher John MacArthur has been studying Scripture for more than 50 years. Yet in his new book, Slave: The Hidden Truth About Your Identity in Christ, he reveals that only recently he discovered a centuries-long "cover-up" by New Testament translators.

"Slave" is the word that almost every English translation of Scripture has avoided using, in favor of the term "servant." But MacArthur insists that the image of a slave is absolutely critical for understanding what it means to follow Jesus.

MacArthur, pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, Calif., and author of more than 150 books, recently spoke to The Christian Post about his new book, the anti-government protests in North Africa and the Middle East, and his 50 years in ministry.

John MacArthur on The Jesus You Can't Ignore

We need to pay more careful attention to how Jesus dealt with false teachers, what He thought of religious error, and how He defended the truth, says evangelical pastor and popular speaker John MacArthur.

Breaking the stereotype of the gentle Jesus, MacArthur illustrates in The Jesus You Can't Ignore how Jesus was rarely cordial when confronting false teachings, hypocrisy and self-righteousness in His time. The outspoken, bold and blunt Jesus is the one whom the Church today needs to follow, he argues.

The soft and less aggressive approach many Christians use today when engaging with nonbelievers or people of other faiths has only muddied Christian doctrine and left evangelicals indistinguishable, MacArthur indicates.

Among today's new-style evangelicals, the author points out, it is politically incorrect to commit to the old fundamentalist notion that truth is worth fighting for.

MacArthur explains why Christians have a duty to obey and defend the truth and to do so with an authority that reflects the conviction that God has spoken with clarity and finality.