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John MacArthur and a Stimulus That Works!

  • Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On the cusp of the economic challenge that hit the world last year, Grace to You made an unprecedented move and "opened the vault" of the entire collection of John MacArthur's audio messages, providing free MP3 downloads from their website. Ten months later they've seen records no one expected!

In less than a year, visitors to the ministry's website have downloaded nearly 10 million of John's full-length sermons, averaging about 31,000 MP3 downloads every day. Unlike what some may have thought would happen, this wave of downloads has not been met with a substantial decline in CDs or in giving.

Commenting on this result, Jay Flowers (Director of Communications) said that the underlying goal of this method is because "we want to be as liberal as possible with our resources." And by the numbers, it's certainly working!

"We're excited about this fresh opportunity to reach minds with God's truth for generations to come. Believers inside and outside the U.S. are hungry for God's Word and we're helping meet those needs," said John MacArthur.

Committed to providing the biblical teaching that John MacArthur's dedicated his life to for the past 40 years to anyone who wants access, Grace to You® sees this as not a change in their direction or approach, but merely an enhancement.

"This move will exponentially increase distribution of our Bible teaching to new and very different segments of the population, worldwide. This is not a replacement for radio, CDs, televisions or books...just an addition. We're serious about "unleashing God's Truth one verse at a time" through any medium possible," said John MacArthur.

"Grace to You®" is represented by Ambassador Advertising Agency, located in Irvine (CA). AAA has been privileged to serve as a leader in Christian broadcasting since 1959.  The AAA team supports more than 20 ministry partners, each dedicated to communicating Truth and its practical application for today's culture.  With the platform of a nearly 50-year legacy, a core objective at Ambassador is to utilize its media expertise, combined with innovative technology, to maximize Kingdom impact. 




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