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Haven Ministries - Books

Jesus in the Midst of Sucess

  • Charles Morris

In Jesus in the Midst of Success, Charles and Janet Morris offer an invigorating wake-up call from the enchantments of a success-driven culture. The book snaps us awake with the joy of remembering -- we are citizens of another more glorious world. Believers in Jesus Christ share from their vantage points of being immersed in an unbelieving world. Yet, they have learned what it means to prize Jesus in the midst of the world and to live by his radically different definition of success.

Saving a Life

  • Charles Morris

In the late summer of 2003, Charles and Janet Morris received the devastating news that their eldest son had died of a drug overdose. Reeling from the aftershocks of Jeff's death, the Morris family clung to the only thing they felt they could count on - and they were not disappointed.

Saving a Life is the first time Charles and Janet have publicly shared their journey through tragedy to finding real joy in Christ. This book speaks not only to families grieving for a loved one, but for anyone experiencing a tragedy of any kind.