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Haven Ministries - News & Press Releases

Olympic Lingerings

  • Mon, Aug 15, 2016

As quickly as the Olympics came, they're nearly done. But three memories in particular will linger for me. 

First, of course, "Zika."  The infectious story will remain long after Sunday's closing celebration.  Frankly, we may not live to see the end of the consequences of the Zika virus.  Currently, there's no vaccine nor any medicine capable of treating the disease.

Secondly, "The Water."  How is it possible a city as cosmopolitan as Rio can allow their harbor, and several race sites, be so polluted with human waste?  It's left a stench-filled mark on both the city ...

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Unknown Outcome

  • Fri, Jul 8, 2016


I clearly remember the day that I conquered The Matterhorn.  It was sometime in the late 60's. 

Now my triumph didn't include ropes, pitons and climbing chalk.  And it wasn't on the spectacularly iconic north and east faces of the famed peak in the Swiss Alps.  I'm talking about Disney's greatest thrill ride in 1968.  The Matterhorn.  It's imposing figure cast an imposing shadow (and still does) over the borders of Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. 

You could see the peak all the way from Interstate 5.  To this day, there's nothing like spotting the ...

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The Servant Queen

  • Thu, Jun 9, 2016


On this side of The Pond, we've always had a strange fascination with the British Royal family.  It's a little hard to understand (at least to me) why tens of millions of U.S. Citizens would wake up early to watch, throw parties, even dress in wedding attire while British monarchy wed.  However you measure popularity--the cover of gossip rags, stories on TMZ, prime time specials--this country is obsessed with the royals.

One psychologist, Dr. Nicole Joseph offered a possible explanation by underscoring at least six reasons:

  1. We all secretly wish we could be the ones to wear ...
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