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"Passin' Through"

  • Mon, Apr 15, 2013

Haven Today programsLast week I attended a broadcaster's convention in Las Vegas.  It's an easy four-hour drive from Southern California.  And as you drive over the ridge near the Henderson turn-off from I-15, the night sky is illuminated from the alluring lights of the city.  The Luxor beams it's iconic lamp straight heavenward.

The view is rather amazing.  And frankly, beautiful, at a distance.

But then you get closer.  You arrive at your hotel and close up to the sights and smells of the city.  Even though fewer people smoke than ever, after a couple days walking around, your ...

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  • Thu, Jan 17, 2013

North by Northwest

I confess I’m a Cary Grant fan.  I’ve watched nearly all of his movies, from “Bringing Up Baby” to “Father Goose.”  Some I’ve seen many times.  Too many times!   One of my favorites is “North by Northwest.”  It’s saved on my DVR.  I can close my eyes and picture exactly what’s going on in every scene. 

I’ll also admit it’s saved on my DVR so I can fall asleep while the movie plays.  (I also have a few familiar World War II epics which work ...

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Christmas Maniacs and Idiots

  • Fri, Dec 7, 2012

Crazy DriverI recall someone observing that, in life, there are three types of people behind the wheel:  maniacs, idiots and good drivers.

Here's how they break down: maniacs drive faster than you, idiots drive slower than you and good drivers maintain your speed (but aren't nearly as gifted drivers as you are).

That reality came to mind in the middle of a Costco parking lot today.  I was making a quick run for the $1.50 dog & drink deal when it was confirmed: the holiday idiots and maniacs are now out in full force.  And with a shortened fuses ...

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