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Do You Believe in Aliens?

  • Mon, May 9, 2016

This Could Be YouDo you believe in aliens?

Half of Americans polled in 2013 said they believe extraterrestrial life exists.  National Geographic magazine reported in 2012 that 77% of Americans think Aliens have visited Earth. (Have you been to Vegas?  I think they're right!)

Of course the people who believe in UFOs and their occupants are the same people who believe professional wrestling is real, Walt Disney's frozen head is buried under the Matterhorn and our government can solve all our problems. 

On the other hand, some theologians speculate that God may have not limited his creation to this earth.  After ...

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Bibles for Cuba!

  • Tue, Apr 5, 2016

When I was young, Castro and Cuba were malicious franchisees of the Evil Empire.  Those of us who went through "duck and cover" school drills in preparation for an atomic bomb recall the vitriol which freely flowed across the Straits of Florida.  Havana represented a real and present danger to the US.

(By the way, I always thought it funny that ducking and covering would be a sufficient tactic to surviving an atomic bomb.  If you want a glimpse at the past, you'll enjoy this piece of propaganda history: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=120wGLgCTkg)

The Cuban Missile ...

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Resume or Eulogy?

  • Fri, Jan 8, 2016

In David Brooks' excellent new book, The Road to Character, the author begins by pointing out the difference between "résumé virtues" and "eulogy virtues." 

In my simplified words, "résumé virtues" are those you earn through success in life: business, education, skills, associations and awards.  They go on your vitae: PhD's, sale of a startup business, salesman-of-the-year certificates.  Professional experience. 

But in contrast, "eulogy virtues" are those endearing characteristics of life which are repeated in memorial services.  The core of who a person is.  The admirable traits.  So often, someone who is less than likeable, is universally thought ...

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