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Haven Ministries - News & Press Releases

Bibles for Cuba!

  • Fri, Aug 7, 2015

More than 67,000 Bibles are on their way to Cuba!

That's a staggering number!  And it's a result of the vision of Haven's Charles Morris and an array of generous donors. 

This started two months ago when Charles led a group of Haven friends to explore the state of the church and the church of the State.  While Roman Catholicism remained officially tolerated, the underground evangelical church persisted--small but vibrant.  And as is so often the case, in spite of soviet and socialist suppression, the home church movement is thriving.

Today, while the freedom to worship ...

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Burn Baby Burn

  • Wed, Jul 8, 2015


Burn Baby, Burn

Question: What sport burns, in six minutes, the same amount of energy as two non-stop, back-to-back basketball games?

The answer is crewing.

That fact was news to me, even though I have two daughters who both rowed from their 7th grade summer all the way into college.  I happily spent countless hours at high school and college regattas waiting for those magic seven minutes of each child's race.  I'm sure I complained a couple of times during the passing of all those events.  But as painful as the waiting might have been, it was ...

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Communism, Cars and Cigars

  • Fri, Jun 5, 2015

Cuban CarsCommunists, Cars and Cigars

Those three words can only mean one destination: Cuba! 

As I write, Charles Morris and a team from the Haven Ministries Board are traveling home from that strange island nation. The country is especially alluring for those of us who were alive during the Cuban missile crisis and were keenly aware of the threat just 90 miles off our shore.

For decades, the thought of traveling to Cuba was at the very least dangerous.  Actually, it really was unthinkable.  But today, touristas are being welcomed with open armas.  Bienvenidas!

The light of capitalism is shining brightly ...

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