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Haven Ministries - News & Press Releases

From Great Heights

  • Tue, Jan 21, 2014

SkyscraperHave you ever been so far up in a skyscraper that your palms sweat?

That happened to me recently, but it was in a helicopter, courtesy of a friend's generosity.  What a way to fly!  As the ground grew slowly distant, I couldn't help but think that I was in for some kind of special "E ticket" ride.

In spite of the (relatively minor) danger, I had to admit: the view was spectacular!  There are very few skyscrapers in Southern California, so being able to see the entire LA basin was a rare treat.  The day was sparklingly ...

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Life of Jesus: Each Day on Haven Today

  • Tue, Sep 10, 2013

Life of PiHave you seen the movie, The Life of Pi?

I did over the weekend.  I wanted to see what all the hullabaloo was about: more than $600 million in revenue, eleven Academy Award nominations and four Oscars.  Having now seen it, I wish I'd have been in a theater as the CGI was amazing.  No wonder Ang Lee won best director!

If you're unfamiliar with the book or movie, it's an enamoring, drifting trek across the Pacific.  After having lost his entire family, the central character, Pi, spends endless days and nights alone in a lifeboat with ...

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BIG mistake!

  • Tue, Jul 16, 2013

Taffic lightsWe drove back from a week of vacation on Sunday night, July 7th.  So did about 200 million other Southern Californians.  Suddenly, seven days of wonderful family memories and a carefree life were quickly forgotten fun.  Quite literally, we faced 100 miles of bumper-to-bumper traffic.  There's nothing that will more rapidly, or absolutely, drain every ounce of joy.

Just like that, a week of calm serenity turned to the sort of place God has reserved for the devil and his legion--if you know what I mean. 

Frankly, I should have known better.  Of course the I-5 would be a ...

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