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Life And Liberty: Calling A Nation To Prayer . . . For Our Children!

  • Monday, July 20, 2009

With nearly two and a half million men and women serving in the armed forces, Brad Mattes (Life Issues®) is personally familiar with the depth of sacrifice by these soldiers and their families. He knows what it's like to constantly wait for a phone call from a solider, to have sleepless nights as he prays for his loved one, and to live day in and day out waiting for his son's safe return. That's because his son, Nick, is on active duty in Iraq.

There are moms and dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and friends who're watching and praying, hoping their loved ones come home safely. It's the life of a military family...and it's a reality millions are living with each day.

Designed to let soldiers and their families know they're not alone, the focus of this special is clear and simple: prayer for our men and women serving our country.

"There's something about seeing a solider that immediately draws your attention. These men and women are such heroes. I feel such an obligation to honor them in this special."

A Fourth of July Radio Special With Candid Conversations From Soldiers And Their Families

In a special unlike any other, listeners will hear directly from Iraq as Nick and Brad have a heartfelt conversation. Plus, there will be stories from other soldiers and parents as they share the very real sacrifice and experiences our men and women overseas are facing. It's what our freedom is all about.

For more information contact Lee Ann Jackson. (link to e-mail)

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