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Texas State House and Senate Present Resolutions to Mercy Ships® Charity Recognized for 30 Years of Humanitarian Effort

  • Friday, May 22, 2009

Austin, Texas, May 22, 2009: The Texas-based global charity, Mercy Ships®, was honored on the floor of both the State of Texas House of Representatives and Senate today for three decades of humanitarian effort and outstanding contributions to global health. Two resolutions were presented after House proceedings from Representative Dan Flynn and Senator Kevin Eltife.

Mercy Ships® Founder and President, Don Stephens, and Chief Executive Officer, Sam Smith, received the awards on behalf of Mercy Ships®. Accompanying Don Stephens and Sam Smith on the floor were retired State Senator and Mercy Ships® Executive Board Member Dan Shelley and actress Janine Turner. 

"Mercy Ships® is a world-wide organization that brings faith, hope, and healing to people across the globe, and they can be found right here in Texas. It has been my honor to know Don and Deyon Stephens for a number of years, and I commend their efforts to help those who need help the most." said House Representative Dan Flynn.  

Senator Eltife followed, "There is no charitable organization more deserving of recognition than Mercy Ships®. The care and compassion they provide to those less fortunate is incredible. I hope and pray that God continues to bless their mission and the individuals who carry out that mission."

Mercy Ships® Founder and President, Don Stephens, commented, "Since 1989, Mercy Ships® has found a Texas-size welcome at our 424-acre campus located in Garden Valley. Our just-in-time delivery of all consumables on our hospital ship in West Africa is made possible through shipments of sea containers every three weeks from our headquarters. As Texas is the nerve center of our activities, we are indeed most grateful for the support of both the House and the Senate. Mercy Ships® follows the 2,000-year-old model of Jesus-the blind see, the mute speak, the lame walk and the Good News is proclaimed among the world's poor."

Mercy Ships® is a global charity providing developing countries with free medical and surgical service by operating the  world's largest, non-governmental hospital staffed with volunteer doctors, nurses, engineers and agriculturists. It also helps local communities develop sustainable water, sanitation and education programs.

For more information, contact Pauline Rick at: RickP@Mercyships.org

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