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Revive Our Hearts - News & Press Releases

What Time is It?

  • Mon, Nov 30, 2015

It's easy to look at world events and get depressed.  Terrorism, unrest, and division can tempt a lot of people to think there is no hope.  Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth says the events of our day are very sobering, but instead of responding in fear, she encourages us to seek the Lord and call out to God in prayer.

On "Revive Our Hearts" programs in December, Nancy shares why it's an exciting time to be serving the Lord and inspires listeners to seek what God might have in store, for such a time as this!  Listeners will be encouraged ...

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Unexpected Grace: Nancy and Robert's Story

  • Mon, Nov 2, 2015

So, have you heard the big news?  Nancy's getting married on November 14th!

And, this month on "Revive Our Hearts" Nancy shares from her heart in two special series . . .

"Thoughts for My Single Sisters ... Before I Become a "Mrs." (November 11-13)

You can trust God to write your story.  Nancy Leigh DeMoss has learned that truth over 57 years of singleness, and she continues to believe it as she enters marriage.  She'll give valuable perspective on trusting God with your story, whether married or single.

"Unexpected Grace: Nancy and Robert's Story" (November 16-20)

Nancy was in ...

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Blessings and Curses

  • Mon, Sep 28, 2015

This past weekend, Revive Our Hearts welcomed 2,200 women's ministry leaders and many more via the live stream, at Revive '15, a unique conference for women who teach women.

I was able to participate in watching some of the sessions via the web stream and was both convicted and blessed by messages from Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Jen Wilkin.  These messages will be provided at their website soon, but just wanted to share a small part of Jen Wilkin's teaching from James 3.

She reminded us that "words have the power to create or destroy."  Ouch.  She ...

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