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True Woman '10 Draws Over 12,000 Women

  • Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nancy Leigh DeMossRevive Our Hearts Provides Platform For Local Communities

It's not just another conference, it's about a life change that impacts your community.  At least, that's what the attendees of True Woman '10,  a conference hosted by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Revive Our Hearts, are saying.

"The things I learned at the conference, the conviction brought to my heart,  the commitments I have made, and the exposure to the True Woman Manifesto, have humbled and changed me.  These changes have enhanced my marriage in a way that is truly phenomenal and supernatural," said one woman who had been struggling with her marriage of 35 years.

The heart behind this conference was to equip women with the resources they need to pursue authentic, biblical womanhood. Since the launch of True Woman in October of 2008, the impact of this conference has resulted in over 20,000 women signing the True Woman Manifesto--a declaration of belief and determination as Christian women to live counter-cultural lives that please and honor God.

"I have to say that the True Woman '10 conference . . .  was life changing. I came from there with a renewed spirit and determination to live for my God, surrendered," said another attendee of this year's events.

Revive Our Hearts (ROH) is making all of the True Woman messages (audio and video) available at the True Woman website along with downloadable resources. This is part of their focus for the coming year on creating more tools for women to be able to bring the True Woman message to their individual communities. While no True Woman conferences are scheduled for the future, Revive Our Hearts will continue to provide the support that gives women the platform to share about biblical womanhood within their neighborhoods, small groups, churches and with their friends.

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