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Telling The Truth Event

  • Thursday, February 4, 2010

Optimizing on the latest technology, the annual "Evening with the Briscoe's" in Milwaukee, WI set a new precedent for the ministry as over 3000 Telling the Truth Listeners packed out the church with thousands more across the country joining via live streaming.

As multi-media communication continues to become effective for reaching additional audience, this live-streaming to connect more broadly is the latest step in media advances from Telling the Truth.

A relaxed setting, the evening was filled with humor and poignant messages as Stuart, Jill and Pete all took part. Allowing those who joined through the internet to feel equally a part of the evening, one internet user commented:

"I'm so thankful Telling the Truth made the event available online - live!  I felt like I was sitting in the audience, and not at home on my personal computer.  That's probably because Stuart, Jill and Pete are so inviting - I felt like I was in their living room!"

While the night had serious moments and biblical exposition, it was also coupled with a playful atmosphere as the Briscoe family joked and sang together.

"What a great way to get to know the people you've heard on the radio or who's books you've read.  Up close and personal and speaking right to the heart!  If it is in your market, GO!  And take some friends!" said Paul Cameron, General Manager of WEMI, WEMY and WGNV.

To view video or download MP3's of the event, visit TellingTheTruth.org.

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