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Max Lucado Held Live Event On How To Fear Less In 2010

  • Monday, December 7, 2009

Ambassador Press ReleaseAn economy in turmoil, political tensions and religious pressures have all confronted today's culture. That's why fear has become such a hot topic in mainstream media and culture-it's all around.

Candidly discussing the reality of facing 2010 with all of these in view, Max Lucado joined a live audience in Orange County (CA) on December 6th to answer the biggest question on everyone's mind: How do I become fearless?

Confident the answers that culture offers to alleviate fear will leave believers without a true solution, Max Lucado is committed to dealing with real people and real fears. He knows it's about unemployment, financial hardship, broken relationships, and unexpected medical news.

This event provided Max with a unique platform to address these universal concerns. A master wordsmith and speaker, Max Lucado encouraged the audience to fear less...and trust more!

In addition to the live setting, the session was taped for national release later in December.   "Fearless: Facing 2010 with More Trust and Less Fear" will be available for release beginning December 12 (through year-end), conveniently packaged for either a half hour or hour airing.

Heard on over 1,200 radio outlets around the country with his one minute daily feature "UpWords®," Max Lucado is also a prolific author of almost 25 years, writing a list of best-selling books such as Fearless, 3:16, God Came Near, He Chose The Nails and others.  Serving as the Minister of Writing and Preaching at the Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, he is married to Denalyn and has three grown daughters.

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