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Where to Turn When You Forget the Plan

  • Thu, Jun 30, 2016


"Mom, is there anything that will make me warm?"

As I sat on my favorite bench overlooking the bay—a cherished reading place—I couldn't help but smile at the family adjacent me.

After an evening of swimming, dusk approached, and the three-year-old son became cold.  So he said to his mother, "I'm ready to get out now."

She responded with plans for a hot bath and they agreed to leave immediately to implement the strategy.  Not 60 seconds later—as if he'd forgotten everything they just discussed—the son asked, "Mom, is there anything that will ...

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What You Don’t Have is Less Than What You Do

  • Mon, May 23, 2016


This month at church, we've been teaching the 3rd grade Sunday School class about various components of contentment.  In reality, my group of 8-year-old girls has enlightened me just as much as I've coached them.  Last Sunday's discussion prompt was, "What do you lose today by focusing on what you used to have?"

I was concerned the kids might not fully connect with the message—assuming they didn't have much to look back on in their lives.  After all, they're only eight years old.  Boy, was I wrong.

After putting the question out for ...

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How Your Soul is Like a Hard Drive

  • Wed, Apr 20, 2016


"Your brain is dead."

Jon's words pierced.  In our office, Jon Davis, Manager of Technical Services, often uses medical metaphors to explain computer problems to us.  I find those parallels extremely helpful.  This week, my PC's hard drive crashed—and in one instant, my daily partner in productivity couldn't remember its identity, perform tasks, or recall the last two years we'd spent together.

Its brain was dead.  I was mortified.

After a day of assembling, activating, and programming the new hard drive, Jon had my machine up and running again.  All was well.

But rebellion struck ...

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