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A Woman After God's Own Heart - Books

A Mom After God’s Own Heart: 10 Ways to Love Your Children

  • Elizabeth George

Catch God's heart for your children

You want to raise children who are happy, successful, and follow after God. But how do you do that in this day of hectic schedules packed with friends, schoolwork, sports, video games, cell phones, and the internet? The first thing is to begin right now. Today. Share your love, your faith, and your values with your children.

With biblical wisdom and plenty of encouragement, Elizabeth George offers time-proven ideas and valuable suggestions to help you nurture children of all ages in the Lord. You'll discover!

* Easy-to-implement principles that make parenting enjoyable and effective
* Specific ways you can teach your children that God loves and cares for them
* Heart Response sections that help you apply the principles to your life
* Little Choices you can put into practice immediately to make a big impact
* Special parenting insights and strategies from a Christian dad

God has put you in a unique situation where you have tremendous influence in the lives of others. Be a mom after God's own heart! Help your children, no matter what their ages experience: God's love, God's blessings, and God's provisions.

A Wife After God’s Own Heart: 12 Things That Really Matter in Your Marriage

  • Elizabeth George

What Does It Take to Have a Great Marriage?

Being a wife after God's own heart sounds difficult...even challenging...doesn't it? But it doesn't have to be. Bestselling author Elizabeth George reveals what the Bible really says about how to have a good--no, an exceptional marriage. With step-by-step guidance, you'll discover practical insights and advice on:

being a better wife
* improving or rekindling sexual intimacy
* communicating more effectively
* becoming a better team player
* having more fun in your marriage

A Wife After God's Own Heart reveals how you can have what every married woman desires a wonderful marriage filled with mutual love, friendship, romance, and happiness. And, as an added bonus, each chapter ends with little things you can do right now & today to enhance your relationship with your husband.

A Woman After God’s Own Heart®

  • Elizabeth George

Unleash the love in your Heart After God and begin a ministry of prayer, develop God-confidence, and pursue God's priorities. Become God's woman of excellence in the areas of ministry, marriage, motherhood, spiritual growth, and prayer.

A Young Woman After God’s Own Heart®-A Teen’s Guide to Friends, Faith, Family and the Future

  • Elizabeth George

Bestselling author Elizabeth George draws on wisdom from her bestselling books for young women: A Young Woman After God's Own Heart, A Young Woman's Call to Prayer, and A Young Woman's Walk with God (combined sales of 300,000 copies), to offer fun, heartwarming, insightful devotions to help young women learn more about God - His love, grace, friendship, and provision.

This pocket-size, padded devotional with ribbon is beautifully presented and features personal stories, helpful insights, and energetic encouragement. Each devotion features one or two paragraphs on a specific topic plus a brief prayer. Teens are encouraged to:

* get into God's Word daily
* grow spiritually by studying Jesus' life and ministry
* find the strength and encouragement God offers daily
* love their families and model Christlikeness
* see how their faith can impact their lives
* discover their gifts and put them to use
* experience the joy of serving God and others

Practical and down to earth, this fun-to-read devotional helps young women navigate the daily challenges of life by trusting in God and following His principles while also looking to the future. An excellent gift!

Finding God’s Path Through Your Trials

  • Elizabeth George

Are you facing a difficult decision? A painful situation? Drawing on God's Word, her own struggles, and the experiences of others, Elizabeth George reaches out with help. Knowing the Bible says to count trials as joy, she shares the vital truths that make that positive approach possible, including:

* Trials are not punishments.
* God loves you and allows trials to help you grow spiritually.
* His grace is sufficient to get you through every situation.
* When trials become too hard, God provides a way of escape.
* Benefits come from trials, such as patience, endurance, empathy.

Finding God's Path Through Your Trials acknowledges the hard times you face and presents practical steps for experiencing hope, joy, and meaning in your journey.

Small Changes for a Better Life: Daily Steps to Living God’s Plan for You

  • Elizabeth George

Are you ready for more happiness?
More contentment? More fulfillment?

From creating priorities to eating healthier, from building positive relationships to reading God's Word, bestselling author Elizabeth George shares how small changes can quickly add up to a lifestyle overflowing with confidence, love, success, and spiritual growth.

Discover the dynamic difference tiny changes can make when you:
* Get the day off to a powerful start
* Focus on God's purpose for your life
* Build time in your schedule for personal rejuvenation
* Become more efficient in your daily tasks
* Grow in wisdom every day

Offering plenty of encouragement, inspiration through scripture, and time-tested, practical suggestions, Elizabeth shares how you can increase the joy, satisfaction, and effectiveness of each day for you and those around you.

This Growth and Study Guide is a supplemental workbook to be used with the book Small Changes for a Better Life.
Great for individual or group study.
Formerly titled God's Wisdom for a Woman's Life Growth & Study Guide