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Birthday for National Day of Prayer's Founder

  • Friday, July 3, 2009

Decisions which are made in the light of God's Word are stable and show wisdom. --Vonette Bright

Recently celebrating a birthday, Vonette Bright's impact on the US is one we certainly all feel as a result of her efforts with the National Day of Prayer.

Concerned for the moral and spiritual values of our nation and the world, Vonette founded the Great Commission Prayer Crusade in 1972.  This later became a ministry of Campus Crusade.  Her deep commitment to prayer also led to the formation of the National Prayer Committee, a group of leaders who seek to motivate other Christians to unite in prayer for spiritual awakening.

As Chair of the National Day of Prayer in 1988, Vonette successfully  introduced legislation that was unanimously approved by both houses of Congress to make the first Thursday of every May a permanent date for the National Day of Prayer. Today, millions of people unite each year to pray across the country. The 2010 day of Prayer is Thursday, May 6.

Women Today was launched in 1993 under the direction of Vonette, co-founder with husband, Dr. Bill Bright, of Campus Crusade for Christ International. With an emphasis on practical spiritual insight, her daily one-minute feature encourages women to live fully for Christ, impacting the world in which they live and serve.

Vonette Bright can speak directly to women in today's society. She's a mom and grandmother, and was a wife of 55 years to Dr. Bill Bright.  Vonette Bright has the special talents and life experience for ministering to all women.  

Among her other work, Mrs. Bright has co-authored (with Nancy Moser) the Sister Circle series with its accompanying studies and Discovery Diaries, and is well-known for The Joy of Hospitality, co-authored with Barbara Ball, which includes a supplementary cookbook.  Mrs. Bright also wrote The Woman Within, a practical application of the Holy Spirit.


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