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Define "Early" . . .

It's been said that the Early Bird Catches the Worm . . . but just how "early" is "early?"

For the team behind the scenes of the Morning Program on WMBI-FM--the flagship station of the Moody Broadcasting Network, "early" this week is 2:15AM (PST)!

This week Ambassador is priviledged to host the Moody team as they broadcast their Morning Program live from L.A. in our studios.

Charles Morris of Haven Today joined Morning Program Executive Producer, Mark Elfstrand in the studio on Monday . . . today, the team was joined by Award-Winning Communicator, Bill Butterworth.

Go to http://www.mbn.org/GenMoody/listenlive.asp?station=WMBI&rate=32 to listen live and find out who else is on Moody's Morning Program VIP Guest List for the week!

(And, when you're sleeping in to 6:00AM, think of the Moody team--their day is half over!)

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