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Telling Your Story and The Media

Getting a story placed in the media takes a lot more work than a press release. Basically, a press release is like a match for a candle...you've got to have a well formed, solid, strategy that the press release ignites.

Press HatA basic tenant to remember for media placement is that the journalist is not your co-worker. It's not their job to run your story...so make it as easy as possible for them. Give them the facts, the graphics, the angle, the relevancy (what makes it useful for their paper/blog/magazine/program...not just why it's important to your organization), quotes, and background details. Have all this information in hand and ready to go...then write a release.

Keep the release to one page. Make it snappy, concise, and interesting. Basically, you'll have about 30 seconds to get their attention. Next, follow up. Build relationships. Make sure your media contacts know you. It's important to thank them, update them....basically, just keep in touch.

If you'd like more details on media placement, let us know. We're happy to help!


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