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Our New Look

Yesterday, we buried an old friend.

We came to call him "Michelin Man", though that certainly didn't sit well withthe original designer.  Our beloved logo '(which received its name because of its similarities to the tire brand logo) served us well for nearly 20 years. It fittingly represented both the "A" in Ambassador as well as radiating waves from a broadcast tower. At the time, it was a huge step up from our previous mark which was also called the "A-ball" (.  (Yikes - I'm not sure one should look at a 30-year-old logo!)

The change to our new mark started a few years back when designer friends would graciously comment, "Maybe it's time to think about freshening your look."  Now that's always a dangerous comment.  It's a little like carefully suggesting your wife should consider "changing your dress before we go out."  That just raises a whole pot full of questions . . . and trouble!  A friend of mine refers to it as "hitting the beehive with a bat and then running." 

Well, though the comments may have stung, actually, they were right.  We knew it was true for the logo and for our Web site too.  We needed a makeover . . . probably 5 years ago. 

So we engaged the help of our (now) good friends at 5Q who refined both our Web site objectives as well as our mark.  And if you've ever been part of a team-based creative process you know it's a little like making sausage.  You don't want to watch the process but certainly enjoy the end result.  Now we hope you do too!

You may have noticed we've added the subtext, "We Connect.  Ministry and Media."  And a change from "Ambassador Advertising Agency" to just "Ambassador."  And our new mark, which represents the "A" well, also distinctively creates the feel of a bridge which spans the marketplace turmoil and leads to the pathway of future media.

Lots of new features: easier to navigate, station resources are more simply reached, a media center dedicated to providing updates, full ministry and speaker profiles with the latest audio for auditioning, speaker high res photos available on demand, ministry events regularly posted and answers to stations most common questions.

You know, through the process, we could hardly wait to roll this out.  It's amazing how bad your old car looks and runs once you start thinking seriously about a new one!  Same was true for our site and logo.

Give it a spin . . . and we'd love your feedback too!

BTW - In lieu of flowers, please browse our Web site thoroughly in honor of the passing of "our Michelin Man."  He would have wanted it that way.



Peg and Team:

Great look. Great functionality.


Leading the way again.


R.I.P., Michelin Man...

Love the earthy colors (green and tan). Love the new logo. Love the new tagline. It's often the carpenter who has unfinished carpentry jobs in his own home, and it's often the ad agency who is so busy promoting other people's companies that they neglect their own. Keep up the good work! The new look and feel is terrific!

I will miss Mr. Michelin...

And here I thought the previous logo looked like the Capitol Records Building at night.

I think you should go back to the "A Ball." Just kidding! The "bridge" looks great!

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