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What you believe, determines how you will behave, and ultimately who you will become.

That phrase was the anthem of my first Bible class at Biola University...and Dr. Horner spent the semester instilling us with a passion to know the Truth-understanding it would impact our entire lives.

And if you know Jim Garlow, you know that's his conviction as well. That's why he's committed so much time and energy to presenting authentic Christian thinking in a winsome way...he does that each day on "The Garlow Perspective", in the media (Check out some of his interviews!), and from the pulpit at Skyline Church.

Whether it's ads on television that show the latest product you "need to be happy" or the television series that reveal how "real relationships" work, we all are being bombarded with "truths" for life. Unfortunately, if these "nuggets of wisdom" are actually believed and acted upon, they often leave us feeling alone and broken.

That's why I'm so grateful for Jim and his dedication to speaking truth. He certainly tackles issues head on, but he does it in a way that engaging and edifying. That's the kind of communicating we need-straight forward, candid and honest.

After all, What we believe, determines how we will behave, and ultimately who we will become.


Very true, we live what we believe! :-)

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